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This article first appeared at Forbes online. Greece is a bit like your dissolute brother-in-law. A spendthrift, he gets
Kyriakos Mitsotakis takes aim at the ruling Syriza party in a HuffPost Greece interview.
“The new government needs to rise up to the challenges of the times," the leader of the main opposition party said.
Europe, now more than ever, needs a persuasive alternative to counter the German insistence on austerity. Instead, Tsipras decided to partake in some shadowboxing for the viewing pleasure of the Greek public.
The fact that the sums don't really add up has not mattered much to voters, who seem to have bought Syriza's argument that everything would be rosy if only austerity were curtailed and Germans softened their stance.
Finally, in this election Greeks will vote mostly based on the hope that the crisis will recede, and not on the fear that
The international media's favorite soap opera is back... this time, with even more suspense and scandal, triumph and tragedy. The Greek elections, true to the Greek psyche, are full of pathos.
As long as the Samaras-led government continues to act pompously and unsympathetically toward its citizens, Greece will have its head shackled to the guillotine. Until, and if, the axe drops, that is!
Greece continues to operate under a client-based political system that nurtures a nepotistic and bloated bureaucracy -- even after five years of crisis and cutbacks.
In a shocking affront to democracy and freedom of speech, Greek prosecutors have ordered the immediate arrest of journalist Kostas Vaxevanis. This comes after the publication of the so-called "Lagarde List," containing the names of 1,991 Greeks with Swiss bank accounts.
Euro zone officials have said the bailout package should be revised only to reflect time lost on two elections since early
It will surely be a torrid summer of uncertainty and speculation. With Spain receiving bailout funds and Cyprus and Italy next in line, the question of whether the avoidance of a Greek exit was even relevant in the longer term has yet to be determined.
Even then, celebrations were muted. "What is there for us to celebrate ?" a member of Samaras's inner circle said. "Our country
ANKARA, June 25 (Reuters) - Turkey said on Monday it had no intention of going to war with anyone after one of its jets was
Independent Greeks The Independent Greeks are a right-wing conservative party formed in February 2012 by Panos Kammenos, a
Figures from the German, French and eurozone-wide services and manufacturing sectors almost all disappointed, suggesting that the eurozone's avoidance of economic contraction in Q1 will prove temporary.
Greeks must decide to stay or go. Perhaps that is why it failed to come before the people. Perhaps that is why, when on May 6 the election was played out in a way that minimized the literal and more important question -- "Do you want to adopt the new agreement?" -- it failed again.
It is insane to ask from people whose lives have been crashed to choose between the euro and the drachma. They can't answer to that.