obama drones

At least 15 civilians were killed and another 13 wounded, the United Nations said.
Careful studies of al-Qaeda and ISIS have shown that the United States and its allies are following their game plan with some precision. Their goal is to "draw the West as deeply and actively as possible into the quagmire."
When the president and his key officials look at the drone program, they undoubtedly don't "see" women and children. Instead, they are caught up in a Hollywood-style vision of imminent danger from terrorists and of the kind of salvation that a missile launched from thousands of miles away provides.
"In situations of war, you know, we have to take responsibility when we're not acting appropriately."
"The American move into Cameroon marks a dramatic uptick in the war to contain a terrorist threat that has expanded across Central Africa."
"They care about their lives, don't kid yourself."