Oxford University

Malala Yousafza has been accepted to Oxford University. The human rights advocate and Nobel laureate will study philosophy, politics and economics.
And a new study finds it's also bad for their health.
Our friendship was an improbable one. Hailing from the United States and Japan, we were steeped in our respective countries' questions of environmental science and public policy some 7,000 miles apart. One of us had been sporting suits and heels in Washington, while the other nested amongst New Zealand's otherworldly landscapes.
By: David Gustave However, this is where the creative agency world needs to go. We are saying to clients, "we can bring that
Doing nothing is not an option. Some of these threats seem unlikely, and they probably will not hit us tomorrow or the day after. But it only takes one to change the world we live in forever.
Finally, I would like to ask you about the current situation in Northern Ireland. While there has been sustained peace since
According to the ARCADIS analysis, cities including Rotterdam, Soul, London, Sydney, and Copenhagen rank among some of the