Pacific coast

The Revillagigedo Archipelago National Park spans more than 57,000 square miles — roughly the size of Georgia.
Oregon's cool and mysterious coast isn't a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of place. Only repeated visits allow you to
"[The] administration has declared war on whales, dolphins and turtles off the coast of California," one advocate said.
This is the “worst year ever” for the toxin linked to higher water temperatures and pollution, experts warn.
Operators are being warned to stop before frightened mothers abandon their young.
Body of Olivia Gonzalez and the couple's two dogs were found by wreckage below Pacific Coast Highway.
Costa Rica is one of my favorite vacation locations in the world -- here is an article and love letter to my Central American paradise.
Remarkably, climate change and the movement toward an international agreement to combat it did not make the list. Assuming the agreement is achieved and short of nuclear war, it is hard to imagine a more consequential development.
Our natural world, so wondrous and so valuable to the quality of our lives and to the integrity of our breathing planet, needs a renewed commitment to its conservation.
Our Coastal Commission staff would do a thorough analysis of the entire project (not just the tacked on benefit) and propose