Phthalates make plastic supple. They are used in plastic wrapping as well as plastic tubing, workers' gloves and other food
As media evolves, creative industries are growing more finicky, and design and content alone are no longer enough to reach
A new kind of packaging is seeking to replace harmful styrofoam. Mushroom Packaging, made from mycelium, the root structures of mushrooms, can break down and be composted in your garden. Companies like Dell have already adopted it, and it's rumored that Ikea will be using it in the future as well.
"Reduced fat" should not make a food more feminine.
As marketable as biodegradable and compostable plastics like PLA are, there's often more to these claims than meets the eye. For example, in most cases biodegradable bioplastics will only break down in a high-temperature industrial composting facility, not your average household compost bin.
Neither my nails nor scissors worked this time, so I called my husband, Mighty Marc, who continues to be a fine example of virile manhood. At 79, he still cuts his own meat and chews with his own teeth. If anyone could do it, he could.
Reached by The Huffington Post, Kraft issued a statement that affirmed the company's interest in making its packaging more
To many, Facebook appears to be continuing the path of creative destruction that has already torched so much of the old media landscape. But all might not be lost. None of this ongoing fragmentation negates the value of the original bundle -- unless we let it.
Trade dress involves the overall nonfunctional appearance and design characteristics of items including such elements as shape, color, graphics, and packaging. Great trade dress can make an already good product sizzle. It is that important.