Patrick M. Shanahan

Trump nominated Mark Esper as the new acting secretary of defense, replacing Shanahan, who's facing controversy over an alleged 2010 domestic dispute.
The Senate Armed Services Committee had to postpone a confirmation hearing it had tentatively scheduled for Tuesday June 18, Yahoo News reported Monday.
The Pentagon announced Monday the deployment of about 1,000 American troops to the Middle East, citing concerns about a potential threat from Iran.
The message from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan directly contradicts Mick Mulvaney's claim that efforts to hide USS John McCain were "not unreasonable."
Andrew Napolitano accused the president of violating the separation of powers three times in the last week.
The U.S. Border Patrol has been struggling to keep up with a tide of people attempting to cross into the country.
Democratic lawmakers have slammed the move as undermining military readiness and a violation of congressional appropriations.
Patrick Shanahan, the Pentagon's acting chief, allegedly touted his former employer while disparaging competitors.
Shanahan said he has a great deal of discretion in deciding how to use the authorities granted to him by Trump's declaration Friday of a national emergency.