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Bryant Johnson's strong-armed gesture was fitting, given that he coached the late Supreme Court justice for more than 20 years.
"The Shallows" star took the Tinder approach to her husband's shredded coach.
The 87-year-old Supreme Court justice is using safeguards, but she's keeping up her exercise routine, her trainer says.
"Your blatant disregard of Ms. Schumer's physical well-being can only be interpreted as a deliberate effort to cause Ms. Schumer emotional distress."
By day, the Miami-based drag queen is known as Rock Evans, a personal trainer and bodybuilder.
“This tool has been around since the 1700s for a reason."
It's all about how you prep the night before.
Maybe that yoga student that had severe shoulder pain and could barely move her arm completely recovered through your care
Exercise does not mean "run on a treadmill for four hours and be miserable."   Start where you are. Use what you have. Do
Perhaps these well coaches have been listening to Dr. Oz. While many consider him to be a weight loss guru, I'd characterize