Peter Welch

Democratic Rep. Peter Welch snapped back when the GOP congressman ranted about the whistleblower at the impeachment hearings.
The former special counsel said during testimony that Trump's failure to notify the authorities about Russian meddling could be precedent-setting.
Former special counsel Robert Mueller was asked whether he believes the Trump campaign has set a new precedent of accepting hostile foreign election influence without reporting it to the authorities. He replied, “I hope this is not the new normal, but I fear it is.”
The tweet caused many to wonder whether the Vermont Democrat had forgotten the past.
An obscure Obamacare provision forces rural hospitals to pay full price for drugs that many bigger hospitals buy at deeply discounted rates.
It's not funny anymore -- it's getting closer and closer to becoming reality. Donald Trump, leader of the Republican Party. Deal with it, everyone.
"In March they voted for a budget that they're now sabotaging in October."
"Regardless of what consumers want, they won’t be told,” said one opponent.
The undermining of better laws is bad, but worse is the way the Data Security and Breach Notification Act of 2015 underscores a continuing failure of our leaders to fully understand the nature of the problems we face in the mare's nest that is consumer privacy and data security.
Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) implored his colleagues to take a stand during the caucus meeting ahead of the vote, according to
There's a fairly strong consensus in the Senate, too, that if the bill did finally come up for a vote, it would pass easily
Without some restriction from Congress, there’s little to stop the executive branch from pursuing whatever path it deems
Welch was first elected to Congress in 2006. He's the only representative from Vermont. Below, live updates on midterm news
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If the weapons were under U.S. supervision, and they were used to shoot down Iranian aircraft, then there would be no question who the ultimate author of the action was: the United States government.
The political forces that are trashing the deal to rescue Sgt. Bergdahl are the same political forces that got us into the Iraq war. They are the same political forces who want to keep the Afghanistan war going indefinitely.