Since Jerry has a feminine side, he tried out to be a roller derby queen. He didn't make the team because that's the side
Miniature horses and ponies are actually not the same thing. Mini horses are often bred to look like a smaller version of
The sport of kings would have liked to have the prince, but it got several of the next best things in players who are rated
A pony walks into a liquor store. It sounds like the making of a bad joke, but it was a reality.
"Crews removed a quantity of overgrown shrubs using handsaws and debris from around the well to assist access. Then they
This is basically the Occam's razor of web videos. Take two of the most obvious elements, pair them together, and voila, you
Today's birthday marks no major milestone, and I've reached the age where I like to pretend I'm perennially 28 or 37 or 43: one of those good in-between ages when you're fully grown up but still look and feel fantastic.