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The misinformation crisis among South Florida’s Hispanic communities is warping some residents’ understanding of reality — and straining family ties as a result.
Erik's radicalization shows that the incel phenomenon has nothing to do with sex — duh — and everything with entitlement.
It was not easy to get many people to open up to us. There is an incredible mistrust of the media, and especially French
I counted at least a dozen more times when media literacy was raised as an antidote for violent extremism. I'm used to meeting
A week later in Morocco, I came face-to-face with Syrian refugees for the first time. I was surprised to see them there, since
Morocco has gone the furthest toward significant reforms using traditional active labor market policies - vocational training
Who gets radicalized? What I learned from my interviews with extremist disciples @huffpostblog
After the 9/11, March 11, 7/7 and the Paris attacks, governments did not propose arming their citizens as a way to face the
In the search for 'what makes young people vulnerable to radicalization', there are many push pull factors we can consider: home life, culture, politics, religion, criminality, social ills and the very children themselves - what on earth is wrong with them?!