The "Last Week Tonight" host said it's not about slavery in this case, but something much more recent.
Michelle Bachelet's landmark report offers a look at the centuries of mistreatment faced by Black people worldwide, including from the transatlantic slave trade.
"I still see Black men being shot, Black bodies lying in the street," said 107-year-old Viola Fletcher, who testified along with two other survivors of the 1921 attack.
The ACLU, families of victims and hundreds of civic groups demanded the U.N. independently investigate police brutality against Black people in America.
Americans of Japanese ancestry got a check and formal apology for their unjust incarceration. These activists say Black Americans deserve the same.
The bill creates a commission to study slavery and discrimination in order to better educate the public about reparation and what compensation would look like.
The former president brought up a long-ago instance when he'd fought with a schoolmate who'd called him a slur to hurt him.
The deadly Capitol insurrection was meant to undermine Black votes and devalue Black life. Wednesday's hearing felt like a rebuttal.
An effort to make up for decades of discriminatory policies is moving ahead in the North Carolina city.
Addressing centuries of racist policy is a critical solution to today’s social unrest, explains law professor Mehrsa Baradaran in an interview with HuffPost.