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A Boehner spokesman declined to comment to Roll Call when asked if he could rule out a shutdown over the issue. The letter
The office of Rep. Louise Slaughter (N.Y.), the ranking Democrat on the House Rules Committee, also released a video Monday
"I regret that Senate Republican leadership did not stand united with House Republicans during the fight to defund Obamacare
“President Obama promised to bring hope and change to Washington," wrote Boustany in an Oct. 1 statement on his website. "Instead
12. Misjudging Obama Congress mirrors our socially divided culture. Members have little contact with those in the other party
"The Republican conference has got a very hard view and has given their leadership a very short leash," Hoyer said. "So the
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But in order for the measure to pass in the Senate quickly, it would require unanimous consent. That would include the approval
A content analysis of the language used by Republican leaders in news and social media shows "debt" overtaking "Obamacare" in the words most frequently used in GOP quotes and sound bites.
This week was dominated by the ongoing Congressional hostage drama. Democrats trumpeted a poll showing more Americans blame the GOP (53 percent) than Obama (31 percent) -- with the GOP garnering a record low approval rating. But while the White House may be winning the battle, it's the country that continues to lose the war. With 7.3 percent unemployment, and 20 million people unemployed or underemployed, the fact that all notions of "compromise" are taken only to mean some mix of further self-destructive cuts -- instead of investing in infrastructure building and a real jobs program -- shows just how far the economic debate has been shut down. At some point, this manufactured crisis will end, but it will take a lot more than getting back to the status quo to release the true hostages: the poor, the middle class and the American Dream.