Rule of Law

“America needs an attorney general who doesn’t play politics," an ad says.
The next time Trump declares himself above the law, remember this.
Illiberal rulers from Venezuela to Poland are assaulting constraints on their power. In Italy, anti-elite populists are using the internet to empower citizens and upend representative government.
A sitting president is almost certainly immune from criminal prosecution, and the only mechanisms to remove him from office
Academia is tackling the question of our times: Can the president do that?
The world watches warily as a nation of immigrants admired for living together in liberty under the rule of law changes course.
Xi Jinping's anti-graft campaign will fail in the absence of this and other radical reforms.
The "Constitutional Faction" versus the "Authoritarian Faction."
The U.S. must abandon the corrupt Afghan politicians and warlords, but not all the Afghans. Dealing with the mess in Afghanistan
Deterrence is an objective, even as the Trump Administration responds to challenges with even more audacious assertions of
During the Second Jerusalem Leaders Summit, Europe, India, Israel and US's legislators and leaders from business, think tanks
Gdansk defends democracy We made the news again yesterday. Gdansk again emerged as a big European actor, this time with the
While China disavows UNCLOS against the Philippines, it is expressly invoking UNCLOS provisions in its claims against Japan
Q: To which countries have you migrated this expertise? I have worked in El Salvador, Peru, the United Kingdom, Israel, Malawi