Saint Paul

Before he was killed, Philando Castile would frequently buy poor students lunch with his own money. Now, a fundraiser continues his legacy by covering the debts of students who can’t afford school lunch.
The note, which also said "Muhammad was a rapist," was reported to police.
The ultimate alibi, it seems to me. With a ring of Divine truth to make it seem all the more real. When, really, it is just
It's well known that Christianity sprang from a Jewish context. While there may be controversy about Jesus' Judaism vs. the traditional Judaism of the Sanhedrin, the ruling body of Judaism in the first century, there's no doubt that Jesus, his family, and followers were practicing Jews, as recorded in the New Testament.
Since campaigning for the White House has been underway for several months, I'm starting to look at feet.
See more Saint Paul Winter Carnival images at the Minnesota Historical Society's Collections Online! Winter sports have always
It's well documented that both Jesus and Paul were arrested and indicted on the charge of blasphemy against Judaism. By what authority did the Sanhedrin invoke these charges?
Art historians, curators, and critics offer extensive commentary on the minutest details and nuances of artworks but ignore the glaring and obvious falsification of biblical history.
Until you and I detach from all things, until we can let go of the illusion of control, we remain incarcerated, as it were, incapable of knowing the "abundant life" as Jesus called it -- which explains much of the division that is our world.