Santiago de Cuba

How can Cuba reform its stagnant economy without losing what’s working?
We Cubans hope that our authorities will facilitate the entry of the international Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to evaluate the infected zones and contribute resources and solidarity to those who lost almost everything.
A few weeks have already gone by since Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Cuba, and one name comes up again and again to evoke those last days of March. Andrés Carrión, age 40, the citizen who shouted at the Pope's homily in Santiago de Cuba, "Down with Communism!"
His drawing power, and the respect many have for him, comes also from his perseverance and, in particular, from the fact that he is quicker to embrace than to distrust. He has become a human bridge between several citizen projects and, right now, that makes him a sharp stone in the Cuban government's shoe.
Much has been said in the Cuban regime's official media about my son Orlando Zapata Tamayo. The truth is that my son was allowed to die on a hunger strike he held to demand respect for his rights.
Why is it so important to the great leaders of the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions that Obama's campaign message of joyous reconciliation be converted to an elegy of disillusionment?
Young people filled with discontent and with desires to make things change, received us to hear about the Cuban blogosphere.