screen time

Here are tips and fun activities to re-establish limits on media for your kids.
I want my kid to treasure that magical reading time as much as I did growing up.
This handy guide will create fun and healthy activities for your kids and family.
Screen Time lets you see exactly how much time your kids spend on their phones and when.
Here's a handy guide for parents to limit their children's screen time.
"Sure, I could parent without screen time. I could also churn my own butter, but let's not get crazy here."
From time limits to reward policies, families take many different approaches.
After waking up and watching Netflix for seven hours straight, one man is heading to rehab to deal with his addiction.
You'll be happy to know many kids already do some of these at home.
What the creator of your kids' favorite shows has to say about media consumption.
Digital devices make up a huge part of their lives, but how do they handle them in their own homes?
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I prefer to put my kids in front of the TV than lose my mind, my patience, or my temper with them. I believe TV makes me a better parent.
Third, as an "imagination coach," my role is to provide inspiration. For many of our kids, starting from nothing is daunting
Today, many of our kids are overscheduled and are therefore using their imaginations less than ever. It's a crisis in the
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