soviet union

The intel finding indicates that there is now persistent tension between Putin and senior Russian military officials.
Dignitaries from the U.S., Russia, France, and other nations are attending a forum this week at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.
"Do not worry," the top Ukraine expert for the National Security Council told his father, who fled the Soviet Union with his family 40 years ago.
“I think any of that kind of hot phrase ― I’m never going to use anything like that,” Sen. Mike Braun said of the rhetoric employed by House Republicans.
Alexeyeva, who founded Russia's oldest human rights organization, challenged the Soviet and Russian regimes for decades.
The lunar rocks, recovered by the USSR in the '70s, are the only known documented samples in private hands, according to Sotheby's.
Believe me, folks, it’s going to be anything but pretty.
"Horrific crimes" were committed under the Soviet hammer and sickle, noted Lithuania's ambassador to the U.S.
At one point, people suspected that the missing Air Force captain had defected to the Soviet Union.
“The Soviet Union may have fallen, but the evil it represents is alive and well in Putin’s Russia," Graham said.