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Director Mike Flanagan talks Kubrick conspiracy theories and one regret that's too much to bear.
Netflix adds three dozen movies this week.
He was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actor for the role.
"We're not stupid people," nuclear commander Gen. John Hyten said at a forum Saturday.
John Bradley talked to HuffPost about the HBO series and his new movie "American Satan."
The special features from Criterion include the 2003 commentary by Hiller, Falk, Arkin and Bergman; a new interview with
Brad Lubman has the plummiest job in town this week - conducting the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in three screenings of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Matt Johnson and Matt Miller are here to discuss their newest film about CIA agents, a Russian mole, NASA and government cover-ups.
But we are flexible animals, and another of our evolutionary endowments is a propensity, during childhood, to accept on faith
But sometimes I grapple with what being "yourself" means. Especially since we do everything in our power to not be.
Treat Williams stars in the festival's closing night movie made by former Long Island congressman Robert Mrazeck called The
You Cowardly Bastards! The Neuroscience Behind Horror Screenwriting and Filmmaking Bruce Logan, ASC was born in London. His
In the past decade, we have seen a renaissance of artistic production by Southeast Asians that addresses our condition outside of the confines of mass-market big-ticket rat-a-tat-tat film.
Casting can make or break a movie. You've heard about movie magic? This is where the spell gets made. When it works, it can be sublime. And when it doesn't, well, no one is anyone until you've been fired. Try to imagine these famous roles in the hands of the first people hired for them.