Stephanie Grisham

One claim in particular from Donald Trump's "very, very smart" daughter "kind of rang a little not true to me," said Stephanie Grisham.
Stephanie Grisham reacted to news that the former president will be present at start of the civil fraud trial on Monday.
Stephanie Grisham said Trump will "show voters who he really is" if his GOP presidential opponents start speaking up.
Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham envisioned Trump's next play if the judge rules in his favor on a protective order.
"How is that not intimidation?" asked Stephanie Grisham, referring to her former boss's social media message.
Despite Donald Trump’s three criminal indictments, Melania Trump hasn’t joined her husband for any of his court appearances.
The former first lady hasn't joined Donald Trump for any of his court appearances related to his three criminal indictments.
De Oliveira, the Mar-a-Lago property manager, was charged in special counsel Jack Smith's superseding indictment in the classified documents investigation.
"He has no respect for classified information," the former White House press secretary said. "Never did.”
"He thinks those are his," said the former top White House staffer.