Stephanie Grisham

The network made the goof on a map just hours before the president's now-infamous Alabama-related flub.
The CNN host swiped at the White House press secretary for her role in enabling President Donald Trump's lies.
The president said after the G7 summit in France that the first lady had "gotten to know" the North Korean dictator, despite the two having never met.
"He is the most accessible president in modern history," Stephanie Grisham said during her first TV interview since moving to the West Wing.
Reporters said the new White House press secretary made sure journalists had access to Donald Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un, and it got physical.
Grisham, who has headed the first lady's press office since 2017, will replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders and also serve as White House communications director.
“She has said many times that her husband is an adult, he’s the president of the United States and he knows what he’s doing," Stephanie Grisham said.
In a Fox News appearance, Stephanie Grisham hit back at an editorial claiming the first lady "doesn't understand" her own job, calling it flat-out wrong.
Stephanie Grisham lashed "irresponsible journalism" over early reports that the first lady spent that much for the night when she was there just six hours.
The rapper's music video features a look-alike of the first lady stripping in an Oval Office mockup.
Stephanie Grisham got a warning for using her government role for partisan politics.
Aide Stephanie Grisham calls the hosts "disrespectful" after they accuse the first lady of hypocrisy for her "birther" support.
President Donald Trump insulted the NBA star's intelligence in a late-night tweet.
A more combative tone is coming from the East Wing, and it's a sharp contrast to what Americans saw from previous first ladies.
Concerns about the president’s discussion with Michael Cohen regarding a payment to a former Playmate were called “kind of silly.”
Melania Trump hasn't made a public appearance since May 10.
The first lady had been recovering at Walter Reed medical center since Monday, when she underwent an embolization procedure to treat the kidney condition.