Stephanie Grisham

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham says the former first lady refused to condemn the Capitol rioters on Jan. 6.
Dave Chappelle clears up who left mocking messages for the incoming Trump White House aides.
Sure, they stood by an unhinged president for years. But now they are taking a stand against violence — two weeks before they wouldn't have a job anyway.
The aide to the first lady and former press secretary has served under Trump since his 2016 presidential campaign.
"Did you have your fingers crossed when you typed that?" one person sniped at the first lady.
Kayleigh McEnany is just the latest White House press secretary to twist the truth for their boss.
Kayleigh McEnany demanded that a journalist refer to Trump as "PRESIDENT Trump."
"If Stephanie Grisham leaves her job and no one is around to hear her, does she even make a sound?" one person posted on Twitter.
Stephanie Grisham has stepped down from her role as White House press secretary, adding to the long list of people who have taken the job.
Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany will reportedly replace Grisham, who will rejoin the first lady's office.