Stephanie Grisham

The violence was all over the global news and social media, and an aide claims she informed the first lady at the time.
She shouldn't have stood by Donald Trump's side as he kept pushing lies that the election he lost was rigged, said former press secretary Stephanie Grisham.
Dave Chappelle clears up who left mocking messages for the incoming Trump White House aides.
The "View" co-host wondered aloud, "I don’t understand how it takes two impeachments for someone to say, 'Man, maybe I’m on the wrong team here.'”
The former White House press secretary imagined how Trump would respond to an invasion.
“This is another example of a White House and an administration that just — we had no rules. We followed no rules," said Stephanie Grisham.
“This man is a master manipulator. He gets people to do his bidding. I was one of them,” said Stephanie Grisham, who is now working against the former president.
He even punched "rewind" to catch some scenes again, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham revealed on CNN.
“When we would get Hatch Act violations, that was a badge of honor,” said Stephanie Grisham.