stress at work

Don't confuse maternity leave with me-time.
Take a look at your office environment. There are probably a few unknown stressors hidden there somewhere. Here are ten hidden stressors you might not have noticed before. Tackling these problems can help to create a much calmer environment that's conducive to more efficient work.
Stress is an integral part of what makes work work, but it doesn't mean you're doomed to fall apart at the seams. I don't believe that. Just because stress levels are rising, doesn't mean you can't learn to swim.
Gchat is turning you into an empty shell of a human being.
When the person next to you yawns, chances are you're going to break off a tonsil-rattling exhale, too. And when your stressed-out colleague is demanding a meeting right now, the alarmed face quickly incites yours to mimic it. Now you're stressed, too.
Maybe it was a kind word from the CEO telling you your efforts were appreciated. Or the first time you had to apologize to your child. Your defining moments don't have to be huge, they can be quiet ones that only in looking back now you realize were key.
"Is Gratitude the Path to a Better World?" Doing that successfully will require a robust dialogue between the research world
There are plenty of daily workplace interpersonal interactions that contribute to stress, the largest area of workers compensation claims, but an area that is not considered frequently in regards to stress is the interaction between recruitment and candidates.
Dealing with having to pick up on someone else's poor planning is frustrating, and it's natural to feel this way. By recognizing and voicing your feelings, understanding different management styles, and reiterating your working preferences will help you deal with the situation more effectively.