Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez snaps back that shifting "public sentiment" is "how we achieve meaningful change."
President Donald Trump’s presidency is driven by the aggression and violence that he encourages from his base.
The California Republican told donors, at a private event, the GOP must win the midterms at all costs to protect Trump.
Wouldn't the best way to defeat Donald Trump be to co-create a more loving world where we don't feel so desperate to start with?
Donald Trump’s supporters are about as conventionally Republican as he is.
When Jürgen Klopp joined Liverpool Football Club, one supporter got a lot more camera time as the animated manager paced around his box in front of her. "My Lady," I called her. She always wore a red coat, and she was as focused on the match as Klopp was.
Prophet Muhammad is the anti-Trump. The Prophet is an anti-racist figure who promoted egalitarianism. Without a shadow of a doubt, he advanced democracy in an area of the world that had little experience with this political system. Trump supporters who belittle Muhammad have not considered the examples provided above.
It's not that I necessarily think the New York Cosmos is a bad idea for MLS's 20th franchise. I just think expanding the league to the south east is a more important prerogative.
Dear Maddisen, I am highly self critical, self judgmental, and even cruel to myself with my thoughts and my mental talk.