Swimsuit competition

"All these women onstage are more than just that," Miss America 2019 Nia Imani Franklin said after her win.
HuffPost spoke with Gretchen Carlson and past winners about nixing the bikini competition and the future of the pageant during the Me Too era.
The competition host appeared in a controversial skit about the removal of the swimsuit contest from Miss America pageants.
The elimination of the swimsuit competition is only a Band-Aid on a wound that needs serious surgery.
Miss America Organization chair Gretchen Carlson has pledged to make the contest more inclusive in response to Me Too.
There's nothing wrong with fighting for a cause and looking good while doing it, if looking good happens to be your thing. And there are, after all, worse things in the world than wanting some world peace.
I can't change my genetic makeup, a natural hourglass shape, any more than I can change my shoe size. What I can change is my level of fitness. I can set goals to maintain a regimen that boosts my metabolism and builds lean muscle.
Miss England 2009 Katrina Hodge has convinced judges to cut the swimsuit competition to add in a sports challenge, the Telegraph