sword swallowing

Dai Andrews performed the stunt for the new "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" series, which debuts Sunday on the Travel Channel.
The flowing-haired, bemustached 26-year-old sat down with HuffPost Weird News to chat about this history of sword swallowing
David Peyre-Ferry will attempt to swallow a sword while sandwiched between two beds of nails -- then have someone smash a
Of course, if she hits the actual sword, Morgue's innards could end up sliced and diced. Ray takes her whip and attempts
In this clip from AMC Freakshow, Asia Ray attempts to break a board with a whip. The catch is that the board is attached to a sword being swallowed by Morgue
Morgue, a star on the AMC series "Freakshow," demonstrates how he swallows a large metal ball and a sword at the same time.
I like to joke that I am on the cutting edge of corporate speaking in more ways than one. I didn't get here because I'm particularly tech-savvy, jargon-heavy or industry-driven either, it's because I'm a professional sword swallower.
Of course, if sword swallowers have helped advance medical care, they sometimes find themselves in need of it. "Most people
In this scene from the AMC series, "Freakshow," Asia Ray learns how to stick a coat hanger down her throat from Morgue.
"It often takes from 3-10 years to learn to swallow a single sword, practicing multiple time a day, and some people never learn."