Tarana Burke

The activist explained that the anti-sexual violence movement is for people of all genders at the Time 100 Summit on Tuesday.
“We can’t just put everyone aside,” she said.
The activist broke down what was wrong with the former vice president's response to allegations he subjected several women to unwanted touching.
“Young black people across the diaspora ... rely on and invest in HBCUs not to just facilitate an education, but to keep them safe while doing so,” Burke said.
The actor wants survivors of sexual abuse to know they "did nothing wrong."
“It’s about survivors regaining control of their own stories and taking hold of their own healing journeys," says the founder of the Me Too movement.
Me Too’s Tarana Burke doesn’t recognize the movement she created more than 10 years ago.
The Me Too founder discussed in a TED Talk the backlash against the anti-sexual-violence movement and what needs to happen for us to move forward.
John Legend and Me Too creator Tarana Burke are among those interviewed in Lifetime's three-part documentary.
Tarana Burke responded to Hillary Clinton's recent comments defending her husband's affair with a White House intern.
“The whole time I was fretting about saving my work. And I didn’t realize that ‘my work’ was happening right in front of me," Burke wrote.
"We witnessed you show up for duty not as a superhero, but as a fully human woman," Burke and others wrote in the letter.
“Don’t opt yourself out of what was started for you because the media isn’t acknowledging your hurt," the activist said at the Black Girls Rock awards.
"It is clear that I still have much to learn," the self-help guru said in a statement Sunday.
Another woman sparked cheers for standing up against Robbins as he opined on the movement.
“We shouldn’t have to make those choices of, ‘Do we or don’t we’” agree to be interviewed by him, she said.
By bundling everything from rape to unwanted flirting under #MeToo, we’re disserving it all.
The movement, in its current iteration, has endorsed the privileged survivor and ignored the brown one.
Activist Tarana Burke founded the #MeToo movement 10 years ago.