thai cave rescue

The Wild Boars said during their first U.S. television appearance they used prayer and meditation to remain calm during their headline-making ordeal.
“Musk’s influence and wealth cannot convert his lies into truth or protect him from accountability," says Vernon Unsworth's attorney.
Eleven members of the Wild Boars soccer team had their heads shaved and donned white robes as part of the process.
Members of the Wild Boar soccer team are in good health and looking forward to heading home.
Musk said he lashed out after rescuer Vernon Unsworth made suggestions he didn't like during a TV interview.
British diver Vern Unsworth had mocked the Tesla CEO's efforts to help as "just a PR stunt."
Expert caver Vern Unsworth dismissed Musk's submarine as "just a PR stunt."
The boys are looking forward to eating some of their favorite Thai dishes — and KFC.
Rescued coach Ekapol Chanthawong learned meditation techniques at a Buddhist monastery.
The newly released video by the Thai Navy SEALs shows the soccer team's players carried out on stretchers.
"No one is that lacking in self-awareness. It has to be deliberate," one Twitter user said.