the louvre

Two expat friends in Panama are planning their first-ever trip to Paris. What should they be sure to see and do, they've asked me. In response, here is a bucket list for Paris virgins.
All those tourist selfies are about to become a bit harder to capture.
This post is an ode to the literary magic of the great writers who penned these masterpieces as well as the lovely places
The Louvre, one of the world’s leading cultural institutions, is known as the home of some of the greatest artistic achievements
The fifteen paintings selected for the Frick's presentation are among the most important in the Mauritshuis's holdings.
The Tower of London. Times Square. The Taj Mahal. Between crowds, queues and inflated admission costs, hitting the world's
Every four years, during the presidential debates, I have a dream. Just imagine if one of the questions asked of the candidates had something to do with art and culture.
Much attention has been paid to Mona Lisa's smile throughout the years, but this week her skeleton is winding up in the spotlight
Here's everything you need to know to enter: Taking inspiration from the new book "What Do You Want To Do Before You Die
Most of my ideas of what contemporary art looks like are based on seeing photos in magazines and jpeg images on the net. Unless you live in a major city, and are devoted to visiting museums and galleries, you likely have the same problem.