The Talk

"We will miss her humor, kindness and good nature," CBS said.
Toasts and hugs all around for a familiar face who succeeds Julie Chen on the CBS chat show.
Osbourne said her former "The Talk" colleague Julie Chen, who's married to Moonves, will "probably hear this and hate me, but I have to tell the truth."
The co-host will address her departure in a video message on Tuesday's episode.
Co-host Julie Chen, who is Moonves' wife, did not appear on Monday's show.
SM: Having a talk about money is important, whether you are close to your family or not. Even if it feels awkward or emotional
"I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk, I could do nothing. My brain just shut down on me.”
I want to suggest: White parents and grandparents need to have a talk about racialized policing with their children and grandchildren. Tell them that black people, including black children -- their classmates, teammates, and playmates -- can be stopped by the police, hurt by the police, and even killed by the police just because they are black.
I am sorry I must write this letter to you, but it is the duty of every Black father to share the stories of this battle with his son. You are the solution to this nation's problems and the prey of dying wolves who want yesterday to always be tomorrow.
The "Modern Family" actress addressed the rumors on Tuesday.