tiger mom

Your Ma is classic Tiger Mom. High expectations, blunt, and stubborn like a rock. When you argue with her, she doesn’t hear
The Yale law professor and author offered advice to her daughter.
I can't claim to always balance work and family. I am surprised when I hear a working mom say, "I am a mom first." She has clearly figured out something I have not. Minute to minute, who I am changes.
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I've learned that my role as a parent is changing. At work, I keep in mind the advice, "Know when to lead, when to follow, and when to get out of the way." This proves much harder and much more impactful in parenting.
Read parenting articles and blogs and take from them whatever you find helpful, be it a sense of community, a sense of normalcy, a reminder that no one is perfect, or maybe even that odd nugget of knowledge. Then, and this is the important part, ignore the rest.
Suicide is a tragic situation, especially when it involves a young person. There are many causes and it is impossible to
3. Student Engagement. If one looks at the PISA results, one might easily be tempted to agree that students in schools in
This post isn't about making you feel bad about yourself. It's a reminder: Don't judge yourself too harshly against the idealized versions of family that people put out there. Also, don't judge other parents too harshly when the choices they make are different than your own.
Original article: After crunching test scores, GPAs, teacher evaluations, and social factors such as immigration status, the
Tiger Mom: Sh*t happens. Now spell it!!!! Mindful Parenting: I am aware that sh*t is happening.
Did I over-love? Did I want their road to be so smooth, so flat and effortless that I ran ahead filling in the pot holes before they hit them? Am I in fact, Golden Retriever Mom? I want to run and play and lick you when you cry and growl at anyone who dares to cross you, whether you get an A+ or a C-, or worse.
All the drills, punishments, screaming, fighting, and so on cannot make someone feel passionate about something.
What research tells us is that it is the children who learn throughout their lives to set goals and to be held accountable for achieving those goals who thrive.
The division of labor in parenting is changing. There are more stay-at-home dads than ever, either alternating years on/off the job with their spouses or choosing portable careers. Still, the pan-gender consensus that parenting matters more than schooling doesn't make the task easier.
"After all, when I look at some of the selfish, fear-mongering, divisive anti-immigrant activists seeking to end birthright
She also talked about the issue of race relations in America not as a problem, but as a tremendous opportunity for the country