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It turns out Myrna Pérez, a voting rights attorney up for a U.S. appeals court seat, isn't afraid to talk about why she doesn't like to use the word "felon."
“I believe every person is a child of God, capable of being redeemed.” President Joe Biden’s federal court nominee, Myrna Pérez defended the right to vote.
For now, a central question in Republican politics is whether Donald Trump, who continues to advance lies about his loss last year to Joe Biden, will run again.
Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones rips the Arkansas Republican's "well-rounded" dog whistle in arguing against D.C. statehood.
The plan from Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton offers a wage well below what Democrats are seeking, and has major implications for undocumented workers.
Republicans "NEVER FORGET!" Trump raged at Cotton, a possible 2024 presidential contender.
Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley are two of the most prominent politicians in line to carry the MAGA flag.
The Arkansas senator blocked Barack Obama's pick in 2016 because he claimed to believe then that voters should first choose their next president.
President Donald Trump has just released his updated shortlist of potential Supreme Court nominees, adding several big conservative names to rile up supporters.