tom cotton

Tom Cotton, a Republican lawmaker from Arkansas, stood by the president's retaliatory tariffs against China.
The Arkansas Republican is working hard to blow up a bipartisan deal.
The assault accusations against Brett Kavanaugh can be traced back to Chuck Schumer, the senator from Arkansas claimed.
“I stand by every word I said. The difference is, I’m right," the Republican senator says.
Pompeo and Cotton are close ideological allies on foreign policy and can do untold damage to U.S. national security.
A Republican-led effort to alter U.S. commitments under the agreement has failed to attract support from Democrats.
Sens. Bob Corker and Tom Cotton are working on legislation that could lead the U.S. to sanction Iran -- even if it is abiding by the 2015 deal.
Several other GOP senators have already come out against Trump's proposal.
President Donald Trump has unveiled plans for a points-based immigration.
The president held an event at the White House to promote a new bill for a "merit-based" immigration system.
The new rule bars financial companies from blocking consumers who wish to file class-action lawsuits.
They need to show they're doing something -- anything -- or else their voter base may crumble.
“There is no three-step plan. That is just political talk."