tom cotton

The GOP Senate nominee has been rattled by explosive allegations that he paid an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion, then pressured her to have a second one.
The Arkansas senator's latest complaint has a few glaring flaws.
The Missouri Republican opposed allowing Finland and Sweden into the trans-Atlantic alliance in the wake of Russia's aggression.
"Here’s a tip: actually watching them before rendering judgment is more consistent with 'Anglo-American jurisprudence,'" Cheney wrote on Twitter.
Nina Morrison, who faced absurd "soft on crime" attacks from GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton, is now a lifetime federal judge.
The Arkansas senator's insinuation about the Supreme Court nominee was apparently "a bridge too far," even on Fox News.
The senator served up another absurd GOP slam as Jackson neared Supreme Court confirmation.
People walked all over the Arkansas Republican's strange take on commuting to work.
Freshman Congressman Tom Cotton made some sexist remarks in 1997. In a Harvard Crimson article, Cotton said women's 'greatest fear' is being left by a man, in warning to feminists advocating for no-fault divorce.
The Arkansas Republican denounced the Russian leader, but dodged questions about the ex-president calling Putin "savvy" and a "genius."