The FBI is investigating pro golfer Phil Mickelson over insider trading allegations. Mickelson says he's done "absolutely nothing wrong," so what are the details behind the allegations and where to now for the three-time Masters winner?
Once upon a time I considered getting my real estate license. I saw how easy it was for our realtor to sell our house in
Predictability, predictability, predictability. Demand machine's funnel science, repeat customers/business, customer churn
My process for finding these stocks to trade starts with using stock scanning tools. I scan the market each for stocks with
The Early Days and the Misconceptions The New Fad is Fading Away... Or Is It? The marketing for binary options relied heavily
We could sum it up in two words as to why earnings recession was, is and will be a non-event; Hot Money. However, for some
Mexico-Related Stocks The banking sector remained strong due to the implications of a Trump presidency. Banks surged higher
The FOMC is scheduled to commence its two-day meeting on November 1-2, 2016, and it seems like Fed officials are still unsure about its interest rate policy. Some Fed officials have a strong stance that rates should be raised in November, while others are still reluctant.
From the Tulip bubble to the financial meltdown of 2008, the theme has been the same. The masses never learn, they always cry foul on the way down but gurgle with joy on the way up. In other words, when they are making money, they are okay with the risk, but when they start to lose, they scream bloody murder.
Conclusion Popular media outlets are just too bullish, and they are turning bullish after the market has surged to new highs