Pro-Trump supporters accosted the Utah Republican before the flight from Salt Lake City to Washington.
A military judge said Trump's slurs against the Army sergeant were "disturbing."
How revealing that the perpetrators of mass surveillance violating the Fourth Amendment -- from Cheney on down -- don't have to deal with the "traitor" question. That in CNN debates, in the mass media, this grand stigma -- traitor -- is reserved only for whistleblowers.
Conservative pundit Ann Coulter echoed the sentiment and turned it into a critique of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is
Jane Fonda arrived in Maryland for a speaking engagement on Friday, but when she got there she quickly realized part of the crowd wasn’t there to listen.
It's interesting to see how some have foolishly engaged in a debate about why Snowden has not "come home to face the music." What does that mean? he should come home and go to jail? Are we romanticizing and putting nobility on being locked up? Really?
With every revelation he made last year, Snowden proved himself a person fighting for our democratic way of life at enormous personal risk, not a spy but a patriot. The U.S. Constitution should protect citizens who say the government has gone too far in trampling people's constitutional rights.
The question is: Is our country better off as a result of Edward Snowden's revelations? The president said last week: Write
Putting acting aside, he got a job as a receptionist at a company distributing soaps abroad, then graduated to buying films
The military failed to protect itself from Major Nidal Hasan. Why? Because it has been neutered by the shame and guilt engendered by political correctness.