Remaking the 1960 John Sturges film starring Yul Brynner and Steve Mc Queen which was, in turn, modeled after Kurosawa's
As I witnessed the uproar surrounding the Stanford case and the blame towards the victim for the past week, I felt sick. Physically
"We've been doing a lot of research on the backend and testing what breaks we should be doing - three breaks with more ads
Notes From a Dive Bar on Twitter Back at the bar, at the end of the day, MAC sweeps up the detritus of drinkers, puts down
I've seen the show twice, taking the better part of a day each time. Along with Vermeer and Van Gogh, Turner's one of my very favorite artists. The experience of this show rates as one of the aesthetic highlights of my life.
Is my one-time favorite magazine going the way of the dodo bird? What's to become of TIME after it was cut loose from a corporate tether tied to a sought-after prize?
Mike Leigh's "Mr. Turner" was roundly appreciated by critics here at Cannes, for its down-to-earth rendering of the famous
We created abundance in the civilized world and cherish the history of our culture and the culture of our history, or so we say, and that last room before the museum's shop exhibits the best we can do in and with the visual arts sector?
Rebecca Shapiro joins Ahmed to discuss Phil Kent's replacement as CEO of Turner Broadcasting.
Will you watch the return of "Cougar Town"? One thing the producers can promise is more nudity: Not only will Jules and Grayson