ukraine crisis

2. Lake Chad Basin This type of development response helps to prevent future crises and ensures more people move out of poverty
Towards a "social Maidan"? In this complicated political environment, popular discontent is growing against the absence of
Of the many foreign policy pots and pans left neglected on the next President's stove, the one marked "Ukraine" may be ready to boil over.
Similar agreements have been signed with Moldova and Georgia. The agreement is designed to bring the Ukrainian economy, its
Is this really the best that these large, economically productive, educationally advanced, and technologically sophisticated nations can do? If so, the world is in big trouble.
In the historic port city of Yalta, located on the Crimean Peninsula, we visited the site where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, in February of 1945, concluded negotiations ending World War II.
Her husband disappeared without a trace in March last year when he was driving from Donetsk, the capital of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) in war-torn eastern Ukraine.
By Jason Pack and Jennifer Segal   Is the Republic of Georgia, and the Caucasus region in general, a part of Europe or a
Finally, pervasive corruption has been frequently regarded as a major obstacle to closer integration between Ukraine and
President Barack Obama's recent -- and most probably the last -- visit to Europe was a failure. It could have turned the tide of declining relationship but ended up as a lackluster goodbye toast.