Dr. Ralph Tran said each face fights to eat, so "most of the food just ends up in the middle eye and on her forehead." As a result, her forehead is now bald.
Fluffy the cat made a full recovery after being warmed with hair driers and warm towels — and a stint in the emergency room.
Fallon Danielle Blackwood was arrested in Alabama after multiple horse owners said they put their animals in her care only for them to disappear.
If convicted, Andres Lopez Elorez faces up to life imprisonment.
Are we foolish to think all dogs desire to be friendly towards all strangers? I believe we may have set unrealistic expectations for many of our canine companions and are setting some dogs up for failure.
• Enjoy life. Lastly, Zack must want to live. I always tell my clients that, for most pet owners, there will be a day when
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Rambo, a pit bull who was found in the woods and close to death, has come so far since his rescue.
"It was awful. You could hear him sliding and bouncing and yelping."