Five dialysis patients on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques have died while waiting for a dialysis clinic to finally reopen after Hurricane Maria. The remaining dialysis patients in Vieques must travel 25 miles by land and water to receive treatment.
Update: Please find our new article on the recent developments on Vieques. First Major News Report from Vieques: The Washington
And then there's depleted uranium, the extraordinarily toxic heavy metal the U.S. military loves; DU missiles and shells
Credit: Songquan Deng/Shutterstock What to do there: Obviously, most visitors come for the surf, so do that. But strolling
These three cases show that the environment can sometimes benefit from conflict.
Standing in Vieques today you may still see bombs exploding as the result of detonation, or hear that local lands remain in federal hands or notice that the ferries from Vieques to mainland Puerto Rico are full of Viequenses seeking health services, many for complicated and serious illnesses.
I am writing you today to respectfully request that you uphold the promise you made during your presidential campaign in February 2008: to use all available resources to address the man-made health and environmental crisis that afflicts the people of Vieques, Puerto Rico.
We dug around, harangued the concierge, talked to locals, drove in circles, went off paved roads, paddled, peddled, stayed up late, woke up early, and ate everything in sight. Here's what we discovered.
The island of Vieques in Puerto Rico recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary of a struggle that ended 60 years of U.S. Navy test bombing there. Yet the legacy of Navy devastation is sobering, and Viequenses remain dispossessed of their lands.
Navio on the south side is where the bodysurfers go to ride; Green Beach is known for its views of the main island of Puerto Rico; Blue Beach is famous for its terrific snorkeling.
On this Manhattan-sized Caribbean island 9 miles off the eastern shore of Puerto Rico, hundreds of wild horses roam the beaches, streets and jungles.
Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor" landed in Puerto Rico, where eligible fan-favorite Ben Flajnik checked into the
These tales of adventure instantly transport us from our cubicle to the age of exploration.