vladimir nabokov

Vladimir Nabokov refused to admit his 1955 novel was based on a real child's tragedy. Author Sarah Weinman doesn't want us to forget.
Did the surrealist artist inspire the twisted literary classic?
It’s nice to know that someone has been there before -- and made some lasting art from it to boot.
Compass and clock. People have plans. People set deadlines. Old men and young tourists all crave beauty. But, as each singular human's history proves, the expected is not the actual.
"I want pure colors, melting clouds, accurately drawn details, a sunburst above a receding road with the light reflected in furrows and ruts..."
You go to an otolaryngologist for throat problems, but an ichthyologist if you're the old man in the Hemingway novel and want to know what fish your wrestling with.
Gennady Barabtarlo's TLS piece recounts an experiment that Vladimir Nabokov conducted between October of l964 until January 3, l965 in which he wrote down his dreams.