Jessyka Winston runs Haus of Hoodoo, a New Orleans-based botanica that offers healing and spiritual education.
Vodou Priestess Jessyka Winston had no plans of turning her spiritual practice into a business. Winston is now using Haus of Hoodoo as a platform to teach her followers the truth about Vodou and Hoodoo.
What measure of responsibility can then be ascribed to Gede, or to any other supernatural force, for Haiti's unparalleled catastophes?
Vodou is often misunderstood by Westerners. Troi Anderson's photos attempt to address that.
Vodou healer Manbo Katy is the subject of a new documentary by Broadly.
"Location, location, location," is the mantra of L.A. real estate agents may be as valid for encountering hot new gods as it is for scoring hot new properties in the city of Angels.
"Vodou heals the mind, soul and body."