World Series

The 12-year-old Minnesotan earned high praise from Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle.
The Hampton University head softball coach said the school is "blessed" to have Davis.
The World Series champion’s social media team noted those mocking messages "didn't age so well."
Baseball's rivalry between Boston and New York is fierce even when they aren't playing each other.
“I hope that this action will motivate members of the trans community, our allies and our comrades," an organizer said.
After posting a team-record 108 wins during the regular season and romping through the AL playoffs, the Red Sox finished off a one-sided Series.
Can women restore themselves to the narrative of the national pastime?
The president took time to question the tactics of L.A. Dodgers in his late night tweet.
The Dodgers' Max Muncy homered in the bottom of the 18th to cap an all-time classic.
Prior to the World Series, Ryu had only seen Fenway Park from his TV screen.
A Twitter user's video is a hit at reimagining the national pastime.
The Dodgers will face the Boston Red Sox in the Series, which begins Tuesday.
Terry Powell had a bit of fun when a reporter asked him about the College World Series.
Americans are divided on where they turn for news, how closely they follow current events and whether they trust the media. It shows.
It was a Wednesday afternoon. A crisp, fall breeze gently kissed the trees that framed the Los Angeles skyline. But I was