Smothered in sauce, covered in cheese, or floating in soup -- dinner is full of pastabilities! These pasta recipes have all been tested, perfected, and family-approved.
By Bettina Makalintal Zoodles—that’s short for “zucchini noodles”—are made with a kitchen gadget called a spiralizer, which
Most summers, I actually find the thought of cooking kind of nauseating--the kitchen of a brick house built in 1925 with
Use a handheld spiralizer to make your zucchini noodles. Just place one end of your zucchini against the center of the blade
Don't let the ease of this recipe fool you, it's sooo dreamy good.
Quick and easy shrimp scampi, sautéed in a light and delicate, garlic butter sauce: It's so good! Plus, have you jumped on the bandwagon with zoodles?
Noodle-lovers in search of a low calorie alternative to heavy pasta dishes might consider spaghetti squash, zoodles or Shirataki
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He bathes himself in hummus, drinks kale juice all day and you love him anyway.
We put a bunch of things into the spiralizer to see what foods would turn into zoodles.
A meat-free, pipin' hot bowl of noodles is in your future.
We indeed live in a super technological era, but it doesn't mean that kids should grow completely digitized.