"The internet can make you feel like you know a person — until they actually show you what they’re capable of."
"Was I carrying unresolved feelings? Was I unhappy in my marriage and didn’t realize it?"
Widows like Amanda Kloots have enough on their plate emotionally without having to deal with people's judgment, too.
Andrew Taake was arrested for pepper-spraying and attacking police officers with a whip at the U.S. Capitol. Here's how a Bumble dating app user reeled him in.
You love each other through it all... except when they ask you for the thousandth time to call their phone or clog the shower again with their hair.
He posted photos and boasted about the insurrection on Bumble, according to the federal complaint against him.
"Jordan was, perhaps, insensitive and careless in his remarks, but he certainly couldn’t have known the weight of his words or the impact they would have on me."
"We had done such a seamless job believing that our history didn’t matter, but what if we were wrong?"
"I wouldn’t dream of touching a stranger’s breasts in the supermarket or opening a conversation with 'Your tits are massive,' but these things have happened to me."
Real-life singles look for love while wearing elaborate makeup and prosthetics in the new reality series.