Laura Gao hopes her comic combats xenophobia and convinces people to see the Chinese city as more than the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.
The "Lost" star called for an end to the "cowardly, heartbreaking and inexcusable" attacks against Asian people.
The coronavirus pandemic is fueling racism that often unfolds right in front of bystanders.
“I cannot stand idly by while the president uses his pulpit to exacerbate xenophobia in a time of crisis," wrote the California Democrat.
No shocker — Tucker Carlson said something racist again.
In an effort to downplay the emerging outbreak and boost his new trade deal, Trump said China was doing everything right.
Seth Barron told the Fox News host that Ocasio-Cortez's district is "one of the least American districts in the country."
Emails sent to Breitbart editors promoted white nationalism and xenophobia, and bemoaned opposition to Confederate symbols.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s xenophobia is showing yet again. He went on another racist tirade against immigrants and migrants on his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
White lawmakers, however, acknowledged that people generally assumed they were American.