Carly Schwartz

Editor-in-Chief, Google Insider

Carly Schwartz a writer and editor with more than a decade of experience working in newsrooms of all kinds, from newspapers and magazines to online outlets and schools. She recently began an editor-in-chief job on Google's editorial team after returning from a "gap year" in Latin America. In 2011, she founded The Huffington Post's San Francisco bureau, which she ran for two years. She then moved to HuffPost's headquarters in New York for a role as Deputy National Editor on the company's top editorial team. She quit her job when she turned 30 and moved to Mexico City for a microfinance fellowship with Six months later, she relocated to Panama, where she opened a journalism school at a sustainable research institute in the jungle. In addition to HuffPost, Carly has written for Quartz, VICE News, Good Magazine, SF Magazine, Atlas Obscura, The Hartford Courant, and Burning Man's Black Rock Beacon. She's in the process of developing a media lab that focuses on bringing journalism students on sustainability reporting trips around the world.