Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston

I'm an advocate for the public good. I'm a preacher. I'm just another person out here trying to make a difference.

Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston. A seminary trained pastor and leader he has had the wonderful honor of serving several congregations and organizations across the city of Chicago. He has served as Illinois Chairman of the National Action Network. He has also served as National Field Secretary and Chief of Field Operations for the RainbowPUSH Coalition. He has served as president/leader of various organizations including: The African-American Leadership Commission (Gamaliel Foundation); National Resolutions Board of the National Baptist convention; Black United Methodist Pastors (BUMP); Westside Ministers Coalition of Chicago; The Westside Health Crisis Coalition; The Metropolitan Alliance of Congregations West (Gamaliel Foundation); He has also chaired several committees for the Illinois 7th Congressional District. He also writes for the Huffington Post. Rev. Livingston has spoken for and worked with various organizations, groups and events such as: The United States Congressional Health Summit Tri-Caucus; Harvard School of Public Health; The Tavis Smiley Foundation; NAACP; The Anti-Defamation League; The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago; Chicago Urban League; The Broadcast Ministers Alliance of Chicago; various universities and other institutions. Known as an electrifying speaker, writer, profound thinker and strategist - Rev. Livingston’s faith convictions shape his life and provide the impetus of his commitment to the socio-economic and overall spiritual uplift of the poor and disadvantaged. Contact him on Twitter: @gslivingston