Paul Kendrick

Writer, "Douglass and Lincoln" and "Sarah's Long Walk."

Paul Kendrick is the Director of Coalition and Grassroots Engagement for Opportunity Nation, a bipartisan, cross-sector campaign to increase economic opportunity in American.

He and his father have written two books on hopeful moments of interracial collaboration in our history: Sarah’s Long Walk: The Free Blacks of Boston and How Their Struggle for Equality Changed America, which was named among the best nonfiction of 2005 by the Christian Science Monitor, and Douglass and Lincoln: How a Revolutionary Black Leader and a Reluctant Liberator Struggled to End Slavery and Save the Union, featured in Kirkus Reviews’ “Best of 2008.”

Previously, he served as a Special Assistant at the U.S. Department of Education. During the 2012 campaign, he directed the youth vote program in Wisconsin for President Obama and Tammy Baldwin’s campaigns and was then an Associate Director on the Presidential Inauguration. He spent four years at the Harlem Children's Zone where he was director of the nationally recognized College Success Program.