Stacy Johnson, CPA


Established in 1991, MoneyTalksNews is one of the largest sites in the U.S. that focuses solely on personal finance news and information. Through simple and informative storytelling, MoneyTalksNews helps millions of people save money, avoid rip-offs, and make informed financial decisions. With a cumulative publishing count of more than 10,000 articles and thousands of videos, MoneyTalksNews content consistently appears on the largest online news portals and 50+ network-affiliated TV stations nationwide. I'm a CPA and personal finance expert. My series, MoneyTalksNews, has appeared within the local newscasts of more than 80 network TV affiliates nationwide since 1991. In addition to a CPA, I've also held licenses in stocks, commodities, options, life insurance, real estate and securities supervisory. I've been awarded two Emmys and written three books: Life or Debt, Money Made Simple and Life or Debt 2010. My blog,, is one of the largest in the personal finance space. Our print and video stories are regularly featured on the largest websites in the personal finance world, including Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, AOL Daily Finance, CBS MoneyWatch and many others.