The "Black-ish" star hung out with Phylicia Rashad and Taraji P. Henson for the "full circle moment."
The series was a network TV rarity: A depiction of a prosperous, tight-knit family of color, the Johnsons, with Black creators shaping their stories.
After eight seasons as Diane Johnson, the 17-year-old is launching a nail cosmetics line, a production company and a forthcoming Disney series “Saturdays.”
The final season of the sitcom is kicking off with a guest appearance from the former first lady.
The former first lady, who will reportedly play herself, said she's long been a fan of the ABC comedy's “wit and all-around brilliance.”
The "Black-ish" actor said in his monologue that the terrible gig involved "COVID juice" and "white people."
The "Black-ish" star and comedian found the funny side on "Conan."
Recording music was a childhood dream that turned into a fear. But she conquered it by contributing to the soundtrack for "The High Note."
In the "black-ish" creator's new satirical Netflix series, Barris tackles parenthood, marriage, race and what it means to be new money.
Last year, the teen actor became the youngest executive producer in Hollywood.