Kristen Bell

The idea came about after Shepard realized the "hypocrisy" of Mother's Day versus Father's Day celebrations.
The couple said the reason why there’s a rumor that they’ve “hosted orgies” is because most people “don't get jokes.”
The “Frozen” star knows her admission “sounds insane” but said “context is important.”
The actor hosted an all-white dinner party ― I’m not referring to the dress code ― and let’s just say that social media has a lot to say. But were they right?
"The Good Place" actor responded to the Instagram post with a sweet note of her own.
The guest list was wild, but Twitter users pointed out a pretty glaring problem.
The screen icon was seated behind Bell for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
"You should see the other guy!!!!” the “Frozen” star joked on Instagram.
The actor and her husband Dax Shepard have been open about his past struggles with addiction.
“I never thought she liked me,” Kendrick told the “Armchair Expert” host after he explained why his wife is envious of the “Alice, Darling” star.