114-Year-Old Woman Has To Lie About Age To Join Facebook

We can think of plenty of reasons people would lie about their age -- pride, vanity, or to get into the coolest club. But Anna Stoehr's reason was much, much simpler: she just wanted to join Facebook.

The centenarian who just celebrated her 114th birthday felt her age when she tried to create a Facebook account recently, only to discover that the social networking site's options for date-of-birth only go back as far as 1905. Stoehr was born in 1900.

Stoehr, who holds the title of Minnesota's oldest resident, has become tech-savvy in recent days, after striking up a friendship with Verizon salesman Joseph Ramireza, Minneapolis' KARE-11 reports. Ramireza came to know of Stoehr when he sold an iPhone to her 85-year-old son and was "astounded" that his mother was 113 years old.

Since meeting Ramireza, the centenarian has learned how to Facetime, Google and yes, even Facebook -- albeit as a 99 year old.

And she's not the only savvy senior to take to social media. Last year we wrote about our favorite Instagram-pa Rex Redstone, who at 85, is one of the picture-sharing app's oldest users. And we think Stoehr might have just de-throned Edythe Kirchmaier, the 106 year old who has been dubbed the world's oldest registered Facebook user.

Stoehr has since penned a letter to Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, telling him, "I'm still here."




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