15 Snapshots That Summed Up Parenthood In 2015

From powerful movements to viral sensations.
12/29/2015 01:11pm ET

Over the past year, HuffPost Parents shared powerful stories, beautiful photos, funny videos and creative projects that capture the experience of having and raising kids today. From unfiltered photos to impactful movements, these stories touched moms and dads near and far.

Here are 15 moments that especially resonated with parents in 2015.

The Single Dad Who Went To Cosmetology School To Learn To Do His Daughter's Hair
Greg Wickherst
Dad Greg Wickherst was clueless when it came to doing his daughter's hair, so he sought formal training from the cosmetology department at the college where he works. "In no time, I was able to do a simple braid, then a fishbone braid, and a French braid," he told HuffPost in February. Read more about his story here.
The Movement For Potty Parity
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
In March, new father Ashton Kutcher created a petition calling for more changing tables in men's restrooms. The move came after his Facebook lament about the lack of options for dads in public with their kids went viral. Read more here.
The Instagram Account That Let Parents Get Real About Toddler Tantrums

I asked him to smile in the happiest place on earth so I'm an asshole. #assholeparent (repost @uptownmomlife)

A photo posted by #assholeparent (@assholeparents) on

Whenever Kristen Howerton's toddler threw a tantrum over a small, random thing that was obviously completely her fault, the mom shared the anecdote with that hashtag #assholeparent. Now she invites other parents to share their own similar experiences and photos with her "Asshole Parents" Instagram account. "I think it's a universal experience, having a small child be disappointed in something completely illogical," Howerton told HuffPost in March. Read more about Asshole Parents here.
The 'Flabby' Bikini Picture That Inspired Moms To Flaunt Their Bodies With Pride
Rachel Hollis/The Chic Site
In March, mom Rachel Hollis posted a Facebook photo of herself on vacation, wearing a bikini that showed her stretch marks and loose midsection skin. "I wear a bikini because I'm proud of this body and every mark on it," she wrote in the caption. "Those marks prove that I was blessed enough to carry my babies and that flabby tummy means I worked hard to lose what weight I could." Read the full post here.
The Side-By-Side Pregnancy Photos That Made This Lesbian Couple Go Viral
Courtesy Melanie Roy
North Carolina moms Melanie and Vanessa Iris Roy each gave birth to a baby about a year apart. The couple posed for maternity photos together for both pregnancies, and later shared two of the photos side by side. The powerful image touched viewers around the world when it went viral in April. Read more about their story here.
The Funny Moms Who Responded To A Breastfeeding Sign Very Literally
Breastfeeding Mama Talk
When the organizers of the Breastfeeding Mama Talk support group came across a sign telling moms to cover themselves while nursing, they had a brilliant response: In May, they posted a photo of the sign on Facebook, along with photos of breastfeeding moms literally covering themselves. Read more about it here.
The Hilarious Comics That Nailed The Reality Of Parenthood
Fowl Language Comics
Dad Brian Gordon skyrocketed to viral fame in June with Fowl Language Comics, a funny, sweet and sometimes expletive-filled look at parenting. See more of his hilarious comics here.
The Photos That Celebrated The 'Perfect Imperfections' Of Moms' Bodies
Ker-Fox Photography
Mom and photographer Neely Ker-Fox created "Perfect Imperfections," an empowering photo series to celebrate women's postpartum bodies. "I was compelled to bring the same opportunities for women in my own community to have access to a chance to embrace their bodies, address their insecurities and hopefully feel empowered," she told HuffPost in June.Ker-Fox said she wanted "to make these women see how beautiful they were, to truly do something empowering with their vulnerability and bravery." See more photos here.
The Powerful Ads That Encouraged Parents To Rethink Their Own Screen Time
Ogilvy & Mather China
In July, a Chinese ad campaign called "Phone Wall" sparked a conversation about screen time for parents, as well as kids. See more photos here.
The Hilarious Signs That Shut Down Strangers Who Ask Parents Intrusive Questions
Uncanny Annie
Australian mom Annie Nolan was fed up with strangers' questions about her twin daughters, so she jokingly created some informative signs to put on their stroller. "As a twin mum, you get asked a series of questions/hear a series of statements EVERYTIME you go out," she wrote in a July Facebook post that went viral. "I know most people are coming from a great place and are just curious however many can be quite intrusive and after a while it's just plain exhausting." Read the full story here.
The Photo Series That Showed There's No One Right Way To Feed A Baby
Photography By Caitlin Domanico
Photographer Caitlin Domanico's "United We Feed" series supports all moms, however they nourish their children. In June, she shared photos of women breastfeeding, pumping, bottle-feeding, and tube-feeding their babies, and in August, she brought together a group of 19 mothers for an epic group feeding photo. See more photos here.
The Hilariously Honest PTA Form That Offered An "Alternative Fundraiser"
Dee Wise Heinz
Texas mom Dee Wise Heinz was pleasantly surprised when her daughter's middle school PTA sent home a form for an "alternative fundraiser" this August.The refreshingly honest approach gives parents the option to donate money outright, with spot-on descriptions for each amount. For example: "$15 -- I do not want to bake, so here is the money I would have spent on those cupcakes." Read more here.
The ‘Rainbow Babies’ Post That Brought A Taboo Subject To Life
Natalia Karpovovy and Elena Gannenko
In September, mom blogger Chasity Boatman shared a Facebook photo the felt illustrated the idea of rainbow babies -- children who are born child after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. Just as a beautiful rainbow gives people hope at the end of a storm, a rainbow baby gives parents the hope of life after loss. Read more about the photo here.
The Hilarious Twitter Account That Highlighted The Inane Crap Working Moms Hear
Twitter user @manwhohasitall attracted over 100,000 followers by showing how absurd the inane advice working moms often hear sounds when directed at working dads. See more hilarious tweets here.
The Celebrity Selfie That Actually Captured Parenting
Olivia Wilde/Instagram
In October, actress Olivia Wilde shared a frazzled selfie that truly resonated with parents. "I call this hairstyle, 'keep the kid alive,'" she wrote in the caption. "Products you'll need: sweat, string cheese, diaper rash cream, chewed up crayon, snot, and an enthusiastic spritz of panic." Read more about the photo here.

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