Alec Baldwin Feuds With Producer Over Memoir Claims In Ridiculous Twitter War

Hollywood at its finest.

Alec Baldwin and Hollywood producer Dana Brunetti ― two successful men who are presumably very busy ― spent about five hours on Wednesday night engaged in a no-holds-barred Twitter war of epic proportions. 

Earlier this week, Brunetti called out Baldwin for allegedly lying in his recently released memoir, claiming that he didn’t know co-star Nikki Reed was underage when they filmed 2006’s “Mini’s First Time,” which included some sex scenes ― but no nudity ― between the actors. It was an odd anecdote for Baldwin to include in his memoir, since almost no one saw the film, and neither Baldwin nor the production company had done anything illegal by casting Reed, who was 16 at the time. 

Brunetti claimed that Baldwin was fully aware that Reed was underage throughout the course of filming. The film’s director, Nick Guthe, as well as another producer, Evan Astrowsky, backed Brunetti’s version of the events in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.  

Yet Baldwin refused to back down and, at times, seemed to be demonstrating his Donald Trump impersonation as he went after Brunetti on Twitter. The result was an exhausting back-and-forth exchange.

The feud started out fairly tame, with Baldwin demanding that Brunetti produce a release form from the Screen Actor’s Guild regarding Reed’s age and Brunetti threatening to “bury” him.”

Then things started to get personal. Baldwin made cracks about Brunetti’s dealings with producing partner Kevin Spacey and troubles at the studio Relativity, while Brunetti threw Baldwin’s divorce from Kim Basinger in his face. 

They took shots at each other’s work and, at one point, Baldwin plugged the fact that he’ll be hosting “Match Game” on ABC. 

Wow. Just wow. 



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